Here at Winstanley Community College we believe that a healthy lifestyle and diet is essential to your child’s learning, development and well-being, from May 2016 Chartwells have been our school meals provider.
Chartwells are committed to helping your child to develop great eating habits by providing nutritious and tasty dishes which have been devised by their team of chefs, and will be freshly prepared on site by their catering team and will provide our pupils with:

  • Quality food created using fresh ingredients.
  • Healthy food options available at all our service points.
  • Freshly baked home bakes and bread.
  • Meal deals offering great value for money.
  • Taste trials for new dishes and unusual foods.
  • An additional service point situated in the hall to ease queuing.
  • A new vibrant look to the kitchen.

You will also be pleased to know that unhealthy products such as crisps will no longer be on sale, and cakes will be limited to one per child when purchased along with a healthy meal or chilled option such as a baguette. Pupils in receipt of free school meals will only be able to spend their allowance at lunchtime, however, they will have the option to make a purchase at break-time or they can of course bring a healthy snack from home. Pricing will remain competitive and there are no plans to move away from the current pricing structure. Please take a look at our menu plans which operate on a three week cycle for lunch and a two week cycle for break-time, if you have any comments or suggestions your feedback would be warmly welcomed.


School Menus

Mid-Morning/Break: Click for menu

Lunchtime: Click for menu