Our SHINE Values


Brighter than you thought you could!


Supporting Others

We will:

  • Be kind to all members of our community
  • Respect, value and celebrate the diversity of our community no matter our race, religion, sexuality or gender
  • Work well together: listen to each other, support each other and help those   who find things difficult

Hard Work

We will:

  • Remind ourselves why we come to school everyday and strive to work harder today than yesterday
  • Work hard until we are finished, not until we are tired
  • Challenge ourselves to succeed and not take the easy path


We will:

  • Learn to work by ourselves at school and at home
  • Take advantage of all the opportunities that are given to us
  • Choose our own path and be prepared to be unique

Never Giving up

We will:

  • Be positive, believe in ourselves and always have a go
  • Stay focused and determined whatever the task
  • Take risks: be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them


We will:

  • Be proud of Winstanley and ourselves
  • Take pride in our work and celebrate our   successes
  • Always aim to be the best version of ourselves


The school aims to create a supportive and
enjoyable learning environment in which
all forms of success are celebrated