Parental Engagement – Arbor

We are always looking at ways to improve engagement between school and home. With this in mind we have invested in a parental communication app, called Arbor.

This new communication platform has been designed specifically to improve the way that parents and school staff communicate. We will be able to send and receive information via the Arbor app and portal. Parents will also be able view key information relating to their child, including:

  • real-time attendance data
  • real-time behaviour information including rewards
  • academic progress reports
  • timetables
  • communication channels

In order to benefit from this new tool please follow the simple steps outlined on the Arbor Website: Instructions for getting started

Please note

Your personal email address must be registered with the school.  If you attempt to register with an email address that is not recognised by the school you will not be able to register your account.  If you need to update your contact details, please contact the school office using [email protected].

Not all of the features that may appear in Arbor have been enabled. On-line payments are still being managed by sQuid Card.  We are reviewing our contracts and services and will update parents and carers if there are any changes.

We look forward to communicating with you more effectively using our new Arbor App.