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18th September

Voting Matters!

Students in 9CC have been voting for Well Being and Anti Bullying Ambassadors in tutor time this week.
The votes will be counted and verified in the next few weeks and the students elected will take an active role in ensuring our policies and support networks are implemented in school.

16th September

Improving our Environment

Students have been busy in our staff garden replacing the raised beds and replacing our pond. Some of the students who work with Enstruct Training are working on creating a vegetable patch and have worked really hard removing the old, rotted beds and digging over the ground ready for some new ones. Students who work with Mrs Underwood in Kick Start have replaced the old pond and replacing the liner and created a decking area and wildlife borders surrounding it. They are all enjoying working outside in the lovely Autumn sunshine. Keep up the Hard Work!

13th September

New Prefects

Our students who applied to become prefects have been welcomed to their new roles and received their smart grey blazers and blue ties.They will now take up their positions of responsibility within the school. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the students who were elected and demonstrates their aspiration for excellence.

9th September

Building a world of opportunity…

Year 8 and 9 girls took part in Go Construct which explores all sorts of exciting employment opportunities in the construction industry. The session was designed to encourage girls to consider roles in this rapidly expanding employment sector and was run by women who have risen to top positions in the industry. The morning included a hands-on challenge which encouraged team work, communication and problem solving skills. The girls worked in teams to construct a giant tetrahedron, it was a lot of fun and they worked really well together demonstrating our ‘SHINE’ values. Thanks to Jo Ling, EST Coordinator, Blaby District Council, Sue Southam, SHEQ Manager, Danaher & Walsh Group Ltd and Lauren Tyrell, Development Manager, Leicester City Council.

30th August

Feel Good Friday!
We’re at the end of our first week back at Winstanley. It’s been an exciting time for our new Year 7s who have settled in well already and for our older students the hard work started straight away as they approach their GCSEs. Lunchtime offered some light relief as Mr Bennett introduced our first ‘Feel Good Friday’ with some juggling on the field.



22nd August

Hard Work Shines Through…..
Our students proved that hard work pays off in the end when they opened their GCSE results today. It’s been a challenging two years for them and during this time they have really embraced our values – worked hard, supported each other, never given up and grown into independent young people who we hope will achieve excellence in every step of their future education, training and chosen career paths.
Dave Bennett, Head of School said:- ‘We are very proud of the achievements of our students and the amazing young people they have become in their time here with us. They have taken the opportunities and support offered to them to achieve their personal goals. We wish them every success and hope they continue to shine brightly in whatever they choose to do in the future.’

Some individual outstanding results were Urvi, one of our Head Girls, who got 9s in Science, Business, Maths, Geography and English Literature, 8s in PE Statistics, English Language an A^ for Further Maths and a Distinction in Hospitality and Catering.
Yogan got 9s in Chemistry and Computer Science, A* in Further Maths, *2 in Information Technologies.
Moyo got a 9 in PE and as a keen sportsperson and a member of many of our sports team was thrilled with his grade, and thanked staff for the support over his time here.
Olivia was ‘over the moon with her results, and especially her Grade 9 in art, she is looking forward to starting her A Levels at WQE.
Zoe Dalby, our Head Girl got a 9 for History and an A for Further maths as well as 8’s and 7s in other subjects.  She is hoping to progress on to undertake a Paramedic Science Degree after completing her A Levels.
Haris got 8s in Maths, Biology, Physics, English Language and History and a B in Further Maths and was literally ‘jumping for joy’ when he opening his envelope.
A special mention should also go to Elza and Giovanni who both speak English as a second language.  Elza took her native language Russian at GCSE got a grade 9 but also got some amazing results in other subjects too, including an 8 in History, which shows how hard she has worked to overcome language barriers.  Giovanni’s first language is Italian and he received a grade 8 for Italian GCSE and really good pass grades in his other subjects including a 7 for History where a lot of written work is required.

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