ADT Contributions

Students studying an Art Design Technology (ADT) subject.

In the ADT department at The Winstanley School we aim to give our students the opportunity to access a wide ranging curriculum. In previous years we have asked for a voluntary contribution from parents and carers to help cover the costs of materials and equipment in ADT lessons. We suspended these contributions for the last three years in light of the Covid pandemic and the subsequent cost of living crisis but due to rising materials costs and increasing student numbers we can no longer provide the same standard of practical lessons without extra funding.

We therefore ask that all students make a voluntary contribution of £5 to cover the cost for each year on the course, making it possible for our students to develop skills in using specialised materials and equipment.

The contribution can be paid using the sQuid cashless payment system.

Students studying Food Technology or Hospitality and Catering may be required to bring in additional ingredients for practical lessons and it is essential that they bring a suitable container to take food products home.

We aim to ensure that all our students enjoy stimulating and safe ADT Lessons, with access to the best equipment and resources. Please read the health and safety information below.