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Key Stage 3

In KS3, we aim to promote an enjoyment of learning. Our students embrace a variety of learning experiences to enhance their appreciation of this subject.

We have introduced the English Mastery programme of study to our current Year students (2022-23) and through the study of prose, poetry, plays and a detailed writing unit, the emphasis is on explicit teaching, delivering a knowledge-rich curriculum and interleaving.

There is also a heavy focus on students’ oracy; they are encouraged to share their ideas with their peers and the wider community, in line with the Real Life curriculum structure.

Students in Years 8 and 9 study a range of texts as well as complete fortnightly 200 Word Challenges. Alongside this, in Year 9, all students complete a reading and writing unit which we think will improve their understanding of writing in a range of styles and contexts. This is also done in a bid to improve writing stamina and make them better equipped for the demands of GCSE English Language. 

The English department also offer experiences outside of structured lessons. Trips are organised to develop the students’ learning and enjoyment in the subject and we have some well attended, successful reading and writing clubs.

Reading Academy is also conducted with some carefully selected students with the aim being to not only improve reading levels but to boost the enjoyment of reading too. 

Key Stage 4

Students begin their KS4 GCSE study towards the end of year 9. They work towards GCSE qualifications in language and literature.

As part of this journey, students explore a range of literature: Shakespeare, Poetry 1789-present day, pre 19th century prose and a modern play.

The language study requires students to explore a range of reading texts and write a number of styles. They learn to formulate ideas, develop arguments and use a variety of techniques to support their views. Creative writing is also developed; students further their descriptive and narrative skills.

Home learning is set weekly and consolidates learning conducted in lessons.

Assessments are set regularly and are graded according to GCSE criteria and students are given detailed whole class and individual feedback as well as the opportunity to then improve their work. Walk and Talk exams are conducted as well so students feel very well guided in terms of their learning and this is further supported by revision clubs, individual tutoring, revision sessions and English Tutor interventions.

We believe that all of those opportunities combined should allow students to achieve the maximum of which they are capable.