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Key Stage 3
In KS3, we aim to promote an enjoyment of learning. Our students embrace a variety of learning experiences to enhance their appreciation of this subject.
We study a range of topics including two Shakespeare texts, pre 19th century and modern prose, gothic literature and a wide breadth of poetry. Alongside this, we consider non-fiction texts and how they relate to our lives. Some of this is done through speaking and listening activities.
This is all reinforced by weekly spelling tests and reading tasks as well as a programme of literacy activities to boost students’ reading and writing levels.
Students receive weekly spelling and reading home learning and are also given a grid of activities, which they complete on a fortnightly basis.
The English department also offer experiences outside of structured lessons. Trips are organised to develop the students’ learning and enjoyment in the subject. A handwriting club exists to support those who need it and we have a large group of trained year 9 reading coaches working with our year 7 students.

Key Stage 4
Students begin their KS4 GCSE study at the start of year 9. They work towards GCSE qualifications in language and literature.
As part of this journey, students explore a range of literature: Shakespeare, Poetry 1789-present day, pre 19th century prose and a modern play.
The language study requires students to explore a range of reading texts and write a number of styles. They learn to formulate ideas, develop arguments and use a variety of techniques to support their views. Creative writing is also developed; students further their descriptive and narrative skills.
Home learning is set weekly and consolidates learning conducted in lessons.
Assessments are set regularly and are graded according to GCSE criteria and students are given the opportunity to improve their work.
Alongside regular assessments, students sit mock and ‘Walk and Talk’ exams and are offered many opportunities such as revision clubs and small group tutoring.