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Key Stage 3

At Key stage 3 we create opportunities for all students to develop their skills in independent thinking, resilience, supporting others and at all times encourage consistent hard work. The students will always be supported in being the best they can be.
The maths department is committed to give students opportunities to relate their learning to real life situations in order that the topics they study will always be purposeful and meaningful. Throughout the course students will study aspects of number, algebra, shape, measures and data. We encourage regular group work and include a range of investigative activities. At the end of each topic the students will be given a strength and a personal target to improve.
Home Learning is set weekly using Mymaths. The students are encouraged to complete online lessons before completing the set task. This further develops skills in independence and provides essential information to the teacher regarding the individual’s strengths and areas to develop in a particular topic.
Students are taught in ability sets to allow staff to focus teaching at a particular ability range. Formal assessments take place in October, December, March and June. Setting is reviewed after each of these assessments.

Key Stage 4

At Key stage 4 students further develop their skills in independent thinking, resilience, supporting others and consistent hard work. These skills are essential for their preparation for their GCSE exams in year 11.
All topics studied in the maths department at Key stage 4 will be studied to GCSE standard, with students taking the Edexcel course. Strategies to approach GCSE questions successfully are modelled to students in all lessons. A thorough revision programme begins in year 11 after February half term.
Home Learning is set weekly using a combination of Mymaths, Pixl maths, and specific worksheets targeted to individual students needs. Particularly in year 11, home learning is personalised and relies on a high level of commitment and independence from students.
Formal assessment takes place at the end of each topic in the form of an end of topic test. Areas for development form the students’ personal target. Full GCSE assessment takes place in December and June of year 10 and December and March of year 11. A programme of Walking, Talking Mocks take place prior to these exams in order to model methods and successful approaches to the papers.
All students have access to after school revision / support classes. We also offer extra-curricular activities such as GCSE Statistics and further maths to students that show aptitude.