Modern Foreign Languages

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Key Stage 3

At key stage 3 students study French in years 7 and 8. Lessons aim to develop communication skills and social skills and explore the similarities and differences between English and other languages. Using a range of learning techniques including speaking, listening, reading and writing students will study a range of topics including Myself, My Family, My Hobbies and My Home in year 7, and food and drink, transport, holidays and weather and leisure activities in year 8.

Key Stage 4

At key stage 4 students that are on the Aspire pathway will take at least one language. Students on the Motivate pathway have the option to include a language in their curriculum choices.  Students can choose from French or Spanish.  The option to study both languages is available if required.

The key stage 4 courses prepares students for the AQA languages exams. For both French and Spanish the course builds on the 4 skill areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing with final examinations for each worth 25% of the final grade. Students will study a range of contemporary topic areas to support them to develop the ability to function in everyday situations and apply their language knowledge to different contexts.