Assessment and feedback policy in examined PE

  1. All students complete weekly home learning on the online tool, ‘Everlearner’.
  2. Weekly AO1/AO2 revision and non-pressure tests marked by students in class. 
  3. Monthly AO1-AO3 questions marked by teacher using class marking table. Students have time in next lesson to use table to see where they need to improve. Tables are differentiated with extra help for the less able. Students make corrections and reflect on which part of the question needs improving AO1, AO2 or AO3? References are made to spelling mistakes, particularly PE terminology. Discussion about common misconceptions takes place.
  4. End of unit (or half termly) test takes place which is marked out of 20-

1 x 9 point question ( AO1-AO3)

1 x 4 point question (AO1-AO3)

2 x 2 point question (AO1-AO2)

3 x 1 point question (AO1)

  1. Students to re-do work if the grade is below a differentiated target.
  2. Students to self and peer assess in revision sessions in preparation for tests, using the differentiated class marking table.

AO1– Simple facts.

AO2– Facts with appropriate sporting examples.

AO3– Facts with examples and an explanation of how that is correct and why it would lead to a certain outcome.