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Key stage 3 Core PE

All lessons are practical and we provide a wide variety of sports and physical activities to give all students the chance to participate and experience success. We want all students to understand how to prepare for exercise, why the rules of different sports are so important and the techniques required to play well.

We encourage all students to apply maximum effort and to appreciate all the benefits of taking part in regular exercise. These can be physical, social and emotional benefits and can have a positive effect on their academic achievement.

For those who would like to progress further we offer many activities at lunch and after school clubs. We also play school fixtures in a variety of sports and encourage students to attend community clubs outside of school.

Key stage 4 Core PE

All lessons are practical and just as in key stage 3 we offer a wide variety of activities to promote healthy exercise. As the students are older we have a more games approach to lessons with more focus on playing for competition or fun. We aim to guide students to think about the type of physical activity they might continue into adult life.


This is a mixture of practical and theory lessons. Students are assessed on their ability in 3 sports, where they must show skill and tactical knowhow. This is worth 30% of their final mark. There is also a project where students plan and evaluate a training programme of their choice. This is worth 10% of their final mark. The final assessment is across 2 exams, worth 60% of their final mark, where they show their understanding of the theoretical content. This involves anatomy and physiology, training programmes and sports psychology.

Level 1/2 Sports Studies

This course is 100% theory, although many lessons will be taught in a practical way. Students are assessed in two units. Unit 1 is an introduction to body systems and principles of training in health and fitness. This unit is assessed through an exam worth 40% of their qualification. Unit 2 is preparing and planning for a health and fitness training programme. This project is 60% of the qualification.