Post 16 Pathways

This short guide will help you support your child in choosing the option for them after Year 11,The following information will be covered in during tutor interventions but it is helpful for parents to be aware of it as well.

The National Qualifications Framework

Students and parents need to be aware of the National Qualification framework. Each accredited qualification fits into one of the levels and at the end of KS4, students will apply for either:

Foundation/Entry Level.

Level 1 (equivalent to 4 grades 3 at GCSE or equivalent qualification eg BTEC )

Level 2 (equivalent to 5 grades 4/5 at GCSE or equivalent qualification eg BTEC or Intermediate Apprenticeship)

Level 3 (equivalent to A levels or equivalent qualification eg BTEC or Advanced Apprenticeship.

In practice the vast majority of our students in year 11 will apply for level 2 or level 3 qualifications depending on their grade predictions. You cannot apply for a level 3 qualifications if you have not reached the requirements for level 2. In practice, most post 16 institutions will consider this to be 5 grades 4/5 or equivalent usually including English and Maths. However, the requirements vary greatly depending on the College so students are strongly advised to check this directly with the College they want to apply for. This is best done by ringing directly and by looking on the websites.

It is worth noting that A levels are only some of the level 3 qualifications available to students. BTECs level 3 as well as Advanced Apprenticeships are also recognised level 3 qualifications and there are many others. Generally, completion of level 3 qualifications will give access to higher education.

Winstanley staff will do their utmost to guide students through the process, they will signpost students to information they will need, but it is each student’s responsibility to act on the advice given, to do research and,of course, to make appropriate choices including a back up choice.


Post 16 Application Process at The Winstanley School

All year 11s at Winstanley will use an application system called Positive Steps at 16 ( This will allow them to apply for all colleges and 6th forms in Leicestershire using one application form. Students will complete this in their tutor groups during Autumn term, and will be given a log in so they can also access this at home.

Every year 11 student will have the opportunity to receive a careers interview with our Careers Coordinator Mrs Morar, prior to making their post 16 choices. If you have any concerns or questions, or would like to arrange an appointment, please contact Mrs Morar at


The Baker Clause.

Links are proactively being developed, with local post 16 providers and local higher education providers, academic and vocational, as well as representatives from a wide range of career sectors.

External providers and local employers who are interested in supporting our students should contact either:

Bethan Jackett (Careers Lead)

[email protected].uk

Hemaxi Morar (Careers Coordinator)