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Key Stage 3

At KS3 we create opportunities for all students to develop important skills such as independence, resilience, team work and investigative skills.

These skills are embedded in science lessons through a combination of practical and theory learning where students are encouraged to look for opportunities to make links to real life situations. We encourage students to work hard on all tasks and to not give up, instead to use the resources around them; including classmates and textbooks, before asking the teacher. This continues to develop the resilience they will need for GCSE.

Home learning is set in line with the school policy, with a variety of tasks available to suit the learning styles of all learners.

A range of topics are taught across KS3 including Cells, Forces, Particles and Energy. At the end of each topic students will be tested in an end of topic test, this will either be in a written form or will be completed electronically.

Students are taught in tutor group to allow all learners to access the learning and teaching across a range to enable all students to work towards their goals.  Student will be put into ability sets at the end of KS3 using data based on a series of end of topic tests completed over a 3-month period.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students further develop their skills including interpretation, analysis and evaluation. These skills along with resilience, independence and exam technique are essential in their preparations for GCSE exams in year 11.

Science is taught in ability sets, with all groups following GCSE triple science. This gives students a broader overview and more depth of the three sciences: biology, chemistry and physics. They will build and expand on the work completed at KS3 with topics such as cell biology and organisation, bonding, structure and properties of matter and magnetism and electromagnetism.

Home learning is set regularly and will build on what is studied in class: this may be done online through Seneca or may be completing exam questions or other paper based resources.

End of topic tests are completed frequently to help staff identify strengths, areas for development and possible misconceptions. This allows personalised learning in the classroom to ensure all students can strive for their target grade. Walk and talk mocks are used to model answers prior to exams to build students’ exam techniques. Masterclasses also take place for Year 10 and 11 students to further develop the knowledge and skills required for GCSE exams.