School Year 2018-2019

Please note: these dates may be subject to change.

31st January – Year 11 Subject Evening, 4pm – 7pm

14th February – Year 8 Subject Evening, 4pm – 7pm

15th February – Break up for half term

25th February – Back to school

14th March – Year 11 Intervention Subject Evening, 4pm – 7pm

26th March – Winstanley’s Got Talent TBC

29th March – Year 11 Leavers Photo, 2pm

13th May – Year 11 GCSE exams begin TBC

4th April – Year 7 Subject Evening, 4pm – 7pm

12th April – Break up for Easter holidays

29th April – Back to school

6th May – Bank Holiday

24th May – Break up for half term

3rd June – Back to school

15th June – Open Day, 10am – 1pm TBC

27th June – Curriculum Awards KS3 TBC

12th July – End of Term


School Snow Closure

We always try to avoid closing the school due to adverse weather conditions, however if we do decide that the school should close the following actions will be taken:-

  • An announcement on our website
  • Text message sent to parents mobile phones (providing we have the latest parental contact details)
  • Details of the school closure will be posted on our social media sites (follow the links on our home page to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Radio Leicester will be informed and will broadcast a list of school closures throughout the day

Please ensure that we do have correct contact details so that any text message we send regarding school closures reaches you to avoid any inconvenience.

The decision to close the school will be made by a Head of School on Health and Safety grounds normally in consultation with Premises staff.