School Year 2018-2019

Please note: these dates may be subject to change.

31st January – Year 11 Subject Evening, 4pm – 7pm

14th February – Year 8 Subject Evening, 4pm – 7pm

15th February – Break up for half term

25th February – Back to school

14th March – Year 11 Intervention Subject Evening, 4pm – 7pm

26th March – Winstanley’s Got Talent TBC

29th March – Year 11 Leavers Photo, 2pm

13th May – Year 11 GCSE exams begin TBC

4th April – Year 7 Subject Evening, 4pm – 7pm

12th April – Break up for Easter holidays

29th April – Back to school

6th May – Bank Holiday

24th May – Break up for half term

3rd June – Back to school

15th June – Open Day, 10am – 1pm TBC

27th June – Curriculum Awards KS3 TBC

12th July – End of Term