GCSE Certificates 2021

Certificates ready for collection by Year 11 Leavers (2021)

Your GCSE, Level 1 / 2, Entry Level Certificates will be ready for collection from
Tuesday 14 December 2021.
You can collect them from RECEPTION during school hours. You will be
required to sign, confirming that you have received the. Please remember to
wear a mask when entering RECEPTION and adhere to Covid-19 guidelines.
If, however, you wish another person to collect your certificates on your
behalf, you must provide us with LETTER OF AUTHORISATION; this letter must
state the name of the person collecting them and their relationship to you.
You must print and sign your name and date it.
The person collecting your certificates will be required to sign, confirming that
they have collected them on your behalf. We are not able to release any
certificates without this.
Once you are in possession of your certificates, please keep them in a safe and
secure place – you will be required to produce them throughout your career.

Information for candidates

Information for candidates – Coursework – 2021-22

Information for candidates – Non-examination assessments

Information for candidates – On-screen tests 2021-2022

Information for candidates – Written examinations 2021 – 2022

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice 2021 – 2022

Information for Candidates – Social Media

Warning to Candidates

Unauthorised Items


Exam Results Day 2022

Exam results day will take place on Thursday 25 August 2022 Students will be able to collect their results from

9.15 am to 11.00 am


Exam Certificates 2020

Exam certificates for students who completed their exams in 2020 are available for students to collect from the school reception, students can call in and collect them between 9.30am and 2.30pm, Monday to Friday.  They must be collected by the student named on the certificate, if this isn’t possible then a parent or carer can collect the certificates on their behalf providing they have a signed note from the student giving their permission.