Curriculum Statement

The Winstanley School curriculum is underpinned by our SHINE values (Supporting others, hard work, independence, never giving up and excellence); we work hard to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to “SHINE brighter than you thought you could”.  We aim to provide all students with a broad and balanced curriculum which will enable them to flourish and to be ready to progress to their adult life in 21st century Britain.

Our curriculum focuses on ensuring that all students experience high quality learning and which develops meaningful skills alongside knowledge.  We aim to ensure that lessons are based on enjoyable authentic learning experiences linked to real life.  Each curriculum area integrates opportunities for purposeful reflection within their curriculum plans and ensures that consolidation and refining opportunities provide depth as well as breadth.  Students of all abilities are supported and challenged to achieve.  We prioritise the development of English and maths through substantial allocation of curriculum time across all years and weekly time within the tutor programme focusing on basic skills development.  We also ensure that healthy active lifestyles are developed through regular PE sessions which provide a range of experiences and promote the benefits of healthy habits and interests.  We have ensured that opportunities for creative and practical learning are developed at Key Stage 3 with discrete music and drama lessons and the opportunity to experience art, resistant materials, 3D design, catering, and ceramics within a rotation of ADT subjects.  We encourage students when choosing their GSCEs to choose a balanced range of subjects which includes creative and practical options.

Wider curriculum opportunities at lunchtime and after school are provided in all curriculum areas to support and enrich learning.  Trips, visits and enrichment opportunities feature across the curriculum.  Our assembly programme is closely linked to our wider curriculum and supports and develops both academic and social values.  We aim to ensure that all students have a range of opportunities to develop intellectual, social, moral and spiritual qualities.

At KS3 most subjects are taught in mixed ability groups although some setting takes place in core subjects.  Across the two week cycle of the timetable students study English (8 hours), maths (8 hours), science (6 hours), modern languages (French and/or Spanish) (4 hours), computer science (2 hours), history (3 hours), geography (3 hours), religious studies (2 hours), drama (2 hours), music (2 hours) , art design and technology as a rotation of subjects which include ceramics, resistant materials, food and 3D design (6 hours), PE (4 hours) and Respect (1 hour).  Respect is delivered by form tutors and follows a programme which includes sex and relationships education, careers, information, advice and guidance, citizenship and PSHE.  This is augmented by the Winstanley tutor time programme which is based around the PiXL Edge programme and develops a range of life skills.  An important feature of our curriculum is ensuring that we develop students’ literacy.  Therefore each week all students have an opportunity to develop their reading through a 30 minute DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) session.  In all classes students will experience a range of learning opportunities including working as individuals, pairs, small groups and larger teams.  A wide range of processes will be used including discussion, demonstration, practice, review and presentation.

At KS4 all students study a core curriculum across the two weeks; English (8 hours in year 9, 9 hours in 10 & 11), maths (8 hours in year 9, 9 hours in 10 & 11), three sciences (10 hours), PE (2 hours) and Respect (1 hour).  In year 9 students also take religious studies (2 hours).  All students are required to study at least one humanities subject and the many students will also study a language which ensures that they complete the EBACC.  Options subjects are chosen through pathways which are designed to meet a wide range of interests and to help parents and students choose a broad and balanced curriculum.  The options menu within each pathway provides all students with the opportunity to develop their creativity as well as offering access to more vocational courses where appropriate.  Each options subject has 5 hours of curriculum time a cycle.  At KS4 students are taught in mixed ability groups although some setting, based on academic progress, takes place in core subjects.

Intervention groups to support students to achieve are used in a variety of subjects.  Students with barriers to learning are identified and supported, within class and outside of lessons according to their particular needs.

Home learning is set in all subjects in all years.  As students’ progress through the school they are expected to spend an increasing amount of time on home learning and independent study.  We expect that a year 7 student will spend at least 30 minutes a week for each subject, this will increase each year.  A home learning timetable is created each academic year as a guide to support the setting of home learning and to encourage students to develop their organisational skills.  The after school study club runs every day of the week in the learning resource centre.

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